Weekend Update : ToneSynthDS v022

2009.10.24 v0.22
+ Two new mixing type 'ring' and 'cross'. You can change between mixing types with  the 'osc mod' panel. The first new does a ring modulation between the two occiloscope and the with 'osc 2 pitch ofs' slider you can alter the frequency of the second osciloscope based on the frequency of the first osciloscope. (Center means both are same). With 'cross' mixing you can cross fade between the two osciloscope. The 'osc balance' slider determines the fade factor (left = just osc1, right = just osc2). You can set the frequency of the second osciloscope with the 'osc 2 pitch ofs' slider similar like in the 'ring' mixing mode.
+ Second osciloscope has a new wave form. (organ)
! Tempo now is in bpm.
+ New continius test button ('tone'). With this you can hear the test sample continiusly and can set every parameters in real time except the adshr. (That works only with the impulse test button 'test')
! Sound stock generation is paused while the system generates the test sound. (after you change a parameter, or while the continius test sound is on)

Knowing bugs:

! When you start the program it will generate the initial sound samples for a few secounds. During this you can use everything, but if you play a tone under this, the sound will be distorted because the samples are not ready.
! During the sound sample generation the respone time is bit slower.
! The filter section is completly useless as that is not ready.
! ADSHR graph jitters if you try to incerase the size of the curve over 2sec.
! Graphics flickering everywhere
! 'sequenc' and 'volume' texts have different luminance.
! If you play a test sound continiusly there is a possibility that the ds will not be able to calculate fast enought the sample and beacuse of that the sound will be distorted. With the actual buffer setting and math It should be ok, but I have to test it heavyly.
! Sometimes notes appear in random places if you touch the grid. ( in emu it is perferct :( )
! Some users say: It wont work on M3real with latest firmware. (try "noicon" version please)


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So far having a great time playing with it. Keep it up!!

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Thanks :)

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