Hi everybody,

Although we still have a lof of ideas we would be happy if you would share us what would you like to have in the next releases.
For example: drums, copy-paste, etc...


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Hotelsinus írta...

DrumsynthDS mockup is on the way.----

toto írta...

great what you have programmed.

keep it simple on all things.
drums would be could but stay focused on the tonesynth. have you connected with the author of nitrotracker?

greetings t

PG írta...


We haven't connected with anyone yet.
When the idea came up I just started to write the code without serious research. I didn't even know the competition. :) (except korg10)
Fanta (Hotelsinus here) checked them and tried to create a basic desing with minimal overlapping with others.

Felix írta...

sounds great.
what about choosing the length of the pattern ?
that could be great.
i want to make small patterns too ...

PG írta...

Well, the original idea was to use always this (oh my god, I wrote "shit" here first, I am so sorry ToneSynthDS, I don't think you are shit. :) ) 16x16 pattern to keep everything simple, but yes this is definitely a way we can go.
We have to think how can we put this into the original desing.


kid versus chemical írta...

It would be cool if it was multitimbral or had multiple channels and a mixer. So you could make a whole song/beat instead of just a single melody loop. Thanks.


phylum._.sinter írta...

Awesome project!

Here's some ideas:

-Implement a way to render sounds as samples, much in the way the DS-10 does for its drums... and then go further by being able to use those samples as oscillator sources!

-step-style arepeggiator, using the touch screen.

-assignable x/y or fader style controllers.

-automation patterns that are separate from note patterns, like a separate 4x4 grid on your sequencer view.

-something granular?

toto írta...

hey again,

ok i like to have a midi port found here:



PG írta...

Thank you for all of the ideas.

We have been thinking about something similar to multitimbral. So yes we will definitaly put something like this into the tsds in the near future.
Of course we have to split the matrix for this (because of the 16channel limitation).
Mixing these shouldn't be a problem. I have already created a test to set the volumes of the tones not of the accords.
But don't forget you can always use more ds to create a band. :)
Rendering and reusing sound is a bit problematic as we have already used all of the memories of the ds. :(
Maybe for dsi.
Arepeggiator sounds fun. And everything else that allows us to change playing parameters on the fly. (volume, pitch, etc.. although I have to check if the latter is possible.)
I think song editor will come shortly.
Granular synthesis is very interesting, but creating a good clean user interface to that is quite a challenge. I think
it would deserve a total new program.
With the MIDI. Do you want to controll other sound devices with the pattern editor of the tsds or do you want to controll the sound generator of the tsds with other MIDI devices (for example with keyboard)?

toto írta...


yes i want to controll the tonesynth via my midi-keyboard.

PG írta...

Ok, I can do this.
Althoug I don't promise it in the very near future. :)

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