TonesynthDS v0.21 First Testrelease

TonesynthDS v0.21 first test release

You can put the rom everywhere you want.
Didn't need specific folder, or dldi patch.

This is just a public test release:

- Cross mod section in use AMP modulation.
you can turn off by swap osc2 to off.
if you disable osc2 only osc1 are used, AMP off later (other sections too)
.next release

- OSC lenght is about 2 sec maximum
try to play with ADSRH section and hit TEST button to hear the preset sound.
if you deal with the sound then hit USE to generate the whole 16note. When you hit it see a littel progress bar on the taskbar while its end then ready to use.
This action is take some time coz the Tonesynth is use 16part DS10 only use 2 on DS!

- Filter section is disabled in this version
.maybe in the next release

- No disk options

- No song mode at the moment (coz you can't save :D)

- VST version and export imort
.when the DS version is done

Happy playing..

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Marco írta...

Works fine!

Idea: It would be nice to have the speed in BPM, that makes it a bit easier to sync it to other Soundsources without having to guess or calculate the bpm. Thats also an advantage once you can sync the VST version to the host.

The Matrix Editor sometimes places random Notes when I hit it, and they are far away from where I have pressed too. Is that a bug?

Hotelsinus írta...

"random Notes"
Yep this is a bug,.

BPM is integrated and testing. In the next version you can use it!
And many other things, that you amazed! (we hope)
Thank you

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