NDS limitations and test release info....


NDS hase some limitations in cpu and calculating side. maybe the DSi hase more power (dont have one of them)
realtime synth parameters is problematic in DS. KORGDS10 has 2 realtime channel only we have 16. Coz we use 16 part synth like any other matrixsynth today. If we use 8 note poly, still get 1-2sec for render the new sound on DS. - emulators need more time for that.(but who cares emu :D)

DS only has VOL and PAN in PSG sound chip in real time. This is bad news for us. Need to forget the Filter in the sequencer section. But if you edit the sound you can get back to the seq.
ADSHR is same.

stay tuned for coming news and soon the first test release (please dont ask about the time of the final, we do what we can to release ASAP)
thank you.
Fanta/Hotelsinus Sound Design

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