download link fixed! cheers we are still want to release this little app, but need more money for that... thank you




Hi everyone...

TonesynthDS has DONE! All the features we want - mostly - implemented.
We need to create some tutorial pages and hard test, before the Final Realese. So please be patient..

Have a nice day - Fanta/Hotelsinus Sound Design

Stage report

We are still here,.
The project is still in development.
Song mode and Disk options has more deep procedure then as we think before.

The first thing is the save incompatibility in DS - DSi and vice versa.
Then the other thing is in official DS and DSi can't store any save files in sd cards.

We Keep you updated!

- ONE BIG Surprise is Soming Soon -

TonesynthDS dev Team

Hapy new Year.


We are working on the disk options and the file system.
Please be patient... update and more news coming soon..

The song mode is get some update and fixes and new features too..

Thank you
TonesynthDS dev team

New tune from Autodafesounds!

This is just a quick tune made with 2 Nintendo DS usingToneSynth and 1 Nintendo with Korg DS-10 cartridge.The Korg only provides the drums, the 2 ToneSynths generate the "bass" sound and melody lines/arpeggio.Played and synced in realtime nothing else except a bit of reverb on the mixer

TonesynthDS v0.24

What's new:

2009.11.16 v0.24

+ Copy, paste (and clear) for every editor type.

+ Song editor. The columns represent a set of the patterns. The bottom value is the first pattern and the top is the last. You can set 16 different pattern in one "song pattern". You can change between the "song patterns" as you do it with the regular patterns (in pattern editor). If you push the play button, the first pattern that will be played is the pattern that determinated by the first column. At the end of that pattern the next pattern will be the one that determinated by the second column, and so on. After the last column is played the next pattern will be used from the first column of the second "song pattern", and so on.

+ Eg, decay to the lpf. The left of the 'eg' and 'decay' sliders represent 0Hz; the rights represent the maximum avaible cut off frequency (16384Hz in this version); the middle are always the frequency that is set by the 'cut' slider. The cut off frequency is interpolated between the value of the 'eg' slider and the value of the 'cut' slider during the attack and decay phases, and interpolated between the value of the 'cut' slider and the value of the 'decay' slider during the release phase.

Happy playin`


Seven Morris - First track playing around with TonesynthDS

Chek out his track by Seven Morris, thank you!
TonesynthDS track by Seven Morris

Progress update.

Hi there.

We're test the Song mode and the copy paste functions of  the pattern editor.
More test need it. But soon we put new DL here for test.

Filter section now more powerfull, thanks to the two parameters:
Filter EG and Decay.
You can create nice Cowbell synth sound.

Sorry to say that, but SAVE function is the latest thing we implement. Coz the incompatibility of versionz.
When all parameters and thing implement we want (and your ideas) the save file is ready to generate.

.,Thank you,.
PG , Fanta

CODE: Puhr Gábor (PG)


CODE: Puhr Gábor (PG)
GUI: Zizics László (Fanta)
Idea: Zizics László and Puhr Gábor

Without PG this Project never happens!

Please Don't forget to include him in any kind of review!
Thank you

TonesynthDS v0.23

Hi there.
v0.23 available to download.

What's new:

2009.10.31 v0.23
! Start playing a pattern will not skip the first accord and start immediately after the click.
! Position led flickering has been decreased.
! Pattern play pauseing is accurte when you play a test sound. (althoug maybe a little extra delay would be nice)
+ Low pass filter with resonance. Cut frequency starts from 16384Hz. At the right end of the 'cut' slider the lpf is turned off, so the resonanc will not work there. At the right end of the 'res' slider the original sample is pretty distorted. It is not a bug; it comes from the math. I have left it in. May be it will be good for something.
- Every calculation have fallen back to 32768Hz. I kept it in 44100 originaly because of the ndsi, but this was just too slow (and not just because more sample should be calculated). I think I will simply create an ndsi version later.
! A nice big optimalization (not just the base frequency decreasing). Now the sample generation is faster even with the lpf.
+ Selectible scales. (chromatic,ionian,dorian,phrygain,lydian,locrian) You have to regenerate the bank to hear the difference. In every scale the first note is C3. In the previous versions ionian was the default.


DrumsynthDS earlie preview mockup.

Just for fun, and concepting, and try to place the 16part drum sections in a small window :D
We won't start the DrumsynthDS before the TonesynthDS is get FinalStage.
PG and i wants to use simple GUI (like TonesynthDS).

ToneSynthDS v0.22 RingMod demo

Mr.D v0.21 Demo tune!


Hi everybody,

Although we still have a lof of ideas we would be happy if you would share us what would you like to have in the next releases.
For example: drums, copy-paste, etc...


Weekend Update : ToneSynthDS v022

2009.10.24 v0.22
+ Two new mixing type 'ring' and 'cross'. You can change between mixing types with  the 'osc mod' panel. The first new does a ring modulation between the two occiloscope and the with 'osc 2 pitch ofs' slider you can alter the frequency of the second osciloscope based on the frequency of the first osciloscope. (Center means both are same). With 'cross' mixing you can cross fade between the two osciloscope. The 'osc balance' slider determines the fade factor (left = just osc1, right = just osc2). You can set the frequency of the second osciloscope with the 'osc 2 pitch ofs' slider similar like in the 'ring' mixing mode.
+ Second osciloscope has a new wave form. (organ)
! Tempo now is in bpm.
+ New continius test button ('tone'). With this you can hear the test sample continiusly and can set every parameters in real time except the adshr. (That works only with the impulse test button 'test')
! Sound stock generation is paused while the system generates the test sound. (after you change a parameter, or while the continius test sound is on)

Knowing bugs:

! When you start the program it will generate the initial sound samples for a few secounds. During this you can use everything, but if you play a tone under this, the sound will be distorted because the samples are not ready.
! During the sound sample generation the respone time is bit slower.
! The filter section is completly useless as that is not ready.
! ADSHR graph jitters if you try to incerase the size of the curve over 2sec.
! Graphics flickering everywhere
! 'sequenc' and 'volume' texts have different luminance.
! If you play a test sound continiusly there is a possibility that the ds will not be able to calculate fast enought the sample and beacuse of that the sound will be distorted. With the actual buffer setting and math It should be ok, but I have to test it heavyly.
! Sometimes notes appear in random places if you touch the grid. ( in emu it is perferct :( )
! Some users say: It wont work on M3real with latest firmware. (try "noicon" version please)


TonesynthDS v0.21 First Testrelease

TonesynthDS v0.21 first test release

You can put the rom everywhere you want.
Didn't need specific folder, or dldi patch.

This is just a public test release:

- Cross mod section in use AMP modulation.
you can turn off by swap osc2 to off.
if you disable osc2 only osc1 are used, AMP off later (other sections too)
.next release

- OSC lenght is about 2 sec maximum
try to play with ADSRH section and hit TEST button to hear the preset sound.
if you deal with the sound then hit USE to generate the whole 16note. When you hit it see a littel progress bar on the taskbar while its end then ready to use.
This action is take some time coz the Tonesynth is use 16part DS10 only use 2 on DS!

- Filter section is disabled in this version
.maybe in the next release

- No disk options

- No song mode at the moment (coz you can't save :D)

- VST version and export imort
.when the DS version is done

Happy playing..


Some news.

Hi there.

We are close to th first test release of TonesythDS,
- Patterns and preset save not working at the moment.
- 4 Waveforms implemented
- OSC MOD Amplitude (ring) modulation is working and really fun, the others didn't.
- REAL ADSRH is working 100% and realtime display the results.
- Sound generating is about 7-8sec when you hit the OK button in "generate" section.
- Filter section not working
- Sequencer is wait for the previous patter before the next is coming.
- Play and start working
- X is clear the actual pattern

NDS limitations and test release info....


NDS hase some limitations in cpu and calculating side. maybe the DSi hase more power (dont have one of them)
realtime synth parameters is problematic in DS. KORGDS10 has 2 realtime channel only we have 16. Coz we use 16 part synth like any other matrixsynth today. If we use 8 note poly, still get 1-2sec for render the new sound on DS. - emulators need more time for that.(but who cares emu :D)

DS only has VOL and PAN in PSG sound chip in real time. This is bad news for us. Need to forget the Filter in the sequencer section. But if you edit the sound you can get back to the seq.
ADSHR is same.

stay tuned for coming news and soon the first test release (please dont ask about the time of the final, we do what we can to release ASAP)
thank you.
Fanta/Hotelsinus Sound Design

First Video

Changes. and latest version test....


We need to change some things.
First i think the Step section is not need it. (STEP 4,8,12,16)

- Step section change to Copy and Paste buttons. This is realy usefull if i want to clone pattern and change some notes! Maybe "Y" and "B". *And i have an idea for that small place!!!!!

- The taskbar. Need one button on DS to swap between the two screen.
please bind it to the "R" and "L" buttons.

"A" wil be the Play and Stop.

If i select new pattern in Play mode, don't change before the previous Pattern is reach the last step. Like TB303 and other analog seq play. If its possible display the pattern when its selected.

Tonessynth: im want put one new section. Octave change. This is just a simple UP and DOWN or maybe 1-2-3. We need to talk about this first!

Select Button is the DISK options. This is a new screen where users can load Synth Presets and save Patterns and ofcoz the whole Song.

* write it to you via mail a bit later, this is not for the public

The latest version you've sent to me is much smoother that aim accepted..
Really funny to play with the epiano preset. The ADSR is really cool. Here's i want to say, the AMP.
There's a Destiortion effect we want to. I think most user want Delay and or Reverb too!...( me too )

Please post what you think here. Not just personal mail.! :D Thank you PG!

Ha akarod magyarul nekem tök mindegy. Csak itt értelmesen meg lehet majd mindent nézni és utána olvasni. Ezért van! Vagy törölni ha kell.
Fanta/Hotelsinus Sound Design

First Test.

Step Seq now work on DS. Some glitch with cleared Notes.
Basic Oscillator generate saw waveform. - Alpha test
Pattern switch basic 1-16 buttons and stored patterns - 60%done
SynthGui and usability - 10% done


Shoots from DS.

Matrix sequencer button test. Without GUi elements.

Shoots from DS.

I create 2 test photos from my DS in dark room. (like Live act or on Stage, to demonstrate the gui in dark place)

GUI test on DS. 2

Fonts and waveforms has been edited. Now it gets more contrast on DS screen.

GUI test on DS.

I uplload the gui elements to my DS.
Yo have rights about the Contrast! Need more sharp and lighter fonts.
Soon i will update the gui and upload some photos from DS.

best DS Emulator with sound and wifi:

Emulator,  Desmume and one homebrew inside.
Sound emulation are fine. The other DS emu's fail in sound.

ToneSynthDS alpha version 04 mockup!

Fixed Filter and VCA positions. Added AMP section, Distortion button and Level Slider. We need to test the level slider. Maybe i need to change it.?!?. (nope :D) The top section is sweet now!! More Contrast needit (font and slider).

ToneSynthDS alpha version 03 mockup!

Crossmod and filter section: More clean and easy to memorize teh osc and crossmodulation. Filter with EG and Decay. Like Korg EAmkII. (same way to use)

ToneSynthDS alpha version 02 mockup!

Few changes and more control.
New colors.

ToneSynthDS - ToneSynth base chematic

Here's the base synth chematic for ToneSynth

ToneSynthDS alpha version mockup!

Basic ToneSynthDS mockup. Based on Tonemartix Sythesizer.
This is a standalone application run on homebrew enabled NDS hardware