Changes. and latest version test....


We need to change some things.
First i think the Step section is not need it. (STEP 4,8,12,16)

- Step section change to Copy and Paste buttons. This is realy usefull if i want to clone pattern and change some notes! Maybe "Y" and "B". *And i have an idea for that small place!!!!!

- The taskbar. Need one button on DS to swap between the two screen.
please bind it to the "R" and "L" buttons.

"A" wil be the Play and Stop.

If i select new pattern in Play mode, don't change before the previous Pattern is reach the last step. Like TB303 and other analog seq play. If its possible display the pattern when its selected.

Tonessynth: im want put one new section. Octave change. This is just a simple UP and DOWN or maybe 1-2-3. We need to talk about this first!

Select Button is the DISK options. This is a new screen where users can load Synth Presets and save Patterns and ofcoz the whole Song.

* write it to you via mail a bit later, this is not for the public

The latest version you've sent to me is much smoother that aim accepted..
Really funny to play with the epiano preset. The ADSR is really cool. Here's i want to say, the AMP.
There's a Destiortion effect we want to. I think most user want Delay and or Reverb too!...( me too )

Please post what you think here. Not just personal mail.! :D Thank you PG!

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PG írta...

What would be the Step section?
Would it allow us to change between the scales?
I think it would be nice to be able to change between a few scales. (Ionian is boring)
Using the up down button would be more intuitive to change between the two screen. Don't you think?
Changing between octaves has a big problem, because if we use one simple wave input changeing it from its original pitch would be distort the sound too much.

I think will star to do the ADSR.

PG írta...
Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.
PG írta...

Oh, and if we don't want an immediate pattern change a new button form would be nice that show us what will be the next pattern.

Hotelsinus írta...

yes, ofcoz.

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